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Terms of Use and shopping at

Online store ZORA


General Information


Described on this page Terms govern the relationship of the basis of Chapter IV, Section I “off-premises contract and distance contract” between the CPA Online Store ZORA, with full trade name “ZORA MMS” Ltd., hereinafter the TRADER and the consumer, who uses the site’s services, hereinafter referred to as USER.

Online store ZORA – serves as a virtual platform for the promotion and sale of an wide range of goods and services – household appliances, information technology, air conditioners, appliances and other household goods, office, beauty and health, entertainment and others.

USER agrees these terms and conditions of the TRADER, unconditionally accepts and is obliged to follow them. TRADER reserves the right to revise, add or change the Terms and conditions to the requirements of consumer and commercial law, and any applicable enactments acting in the Republic of Bulgaria.


  1. General Conditions
    1. In order to shop and use all services of the Online store of the TRADER, it is necessary for the USER to register voluntarily and free using the registration form. Registration requires the USER to provide correct information which includes: name and surname, address, telephone, e-mail address and password, if necessary information for an invoice. USER can shop as a guest / without registration / but can not use the service shopping on credit.
    2. TRADER requires from the USER when purchasing goods and services from Online store ZORA – for another RECIPIENT, USER must provide relevant data of the RECIPIENT. The TRADER needs accurate data to improve the quality performance for the offered services. It is desirable for the USER to fill in Cyrillic names and address for delivery.
    3. Upon successful registration USER will get an e-mail at the given e-mail address with a confirmation of the username and password with which he will be able to enter and use the profile made in the Online store of the TRADER.
    4. The TRADER keeps the right to cancel the created profile if any of the information is inaccurate.
    5. Online store ZORA –, accordance to Article 47 of the CPA, each product listed, includes: name of the item, brand and model, the basic functionalities and features; final price of the product in BGN lev / included VAT / Shipping price. The USER owes processing fee when buying on credit, which is charged in addition to the final price of the delivered product.
    6. TRADER provides at his own discretion additional user information of the USER in the selection of purchase.
    7. TRADER reserves the rights to change prices without prior notices to users. USER or final recipient pays the price valid at the time of order.
    8. TRADER reserves the right to terminate, modify, extend at any time the given PROMOTION by announcing it publicly at



  1. Order of goods and services


  • USER can buy goods and services online from after logging into his profile using <<Login>> tab, by entering his e-mail address/user name and password. USER can shop as a GUEST, as in the order form are given the necessary data for delivery: name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address.
  • USER selects a specific product with minimum value 10.00 levs by clicking on to the button <<BUY>> available in QUICK VIEW. Pressing this button saves the selected product in the virtual shopping cart.
  • USER may examine the content of the shopping cart, to add new products or remove already added.
  • USER confirms the order by pressing the button <<CONTINUE>>. In case there is no new shipping address or another RECIPIENT, TRADER accepts the shipping address given in the registration form.
  • USER must confirm that he has read the Terms and Conditions and accept them otherwise he will be unable to complete the order.
  • The Contract of sale at distance between the TRADER and USER is concluded from the moment of confirmation of the specific order, hence the obligation for payment by the USER for products purchased by him online.
  • Upon a successful order the USER receives a message at the registered e-mail address with details of the order: order number, selected products, unit cost, shipping cost, total value of the order, the delivery address.
  • For incorrectly filled in data of the USER or final RECIPIENT, the TRADER will cancel the incoming order, which automatically terminates the Contract for sale at a distance.
  • The registered USER is able to save and track purchases, chronologically saved in his profile.
  • After receiving the order an employee of the TRADER contacts the USER and specifies the details concerning the finalizing of the order and delivery. Orders made during days off and official holidays are confirmed on the first working day.
  • When ordering out of stock products TRADER notifies the USER, specifying additional opportunities to order and approximate delivery date.


  • Methods of payment
    • USER has the choice to pay the ordered goods by:
  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank transfer to the account of the TRADER
  • EasyPay – remittances in cash –
  • – Bulgarian system for electronic payments –
  • B-pay – payment at an ATM with credit/debit card -
  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal – an international system of electronic payments –
  • Buy on credit:




-phone: 070011801


-TBI Bank

-phone: 070017571


-UniCredit Consumer Financing

-phone: 070015600


  • All payments are done with BGN levs, regardless of the type of the payment method
  • USER pays the invoice value of the purchased goods, included shipping cost/except when free shipping promotion is declared/. When buying on credit the USER pays 5 BGN levs verification fee.
  • Trough voluntary chosen payment method USER makes the payment to the TRADER for the online bought product.
  • Depending on the chosen method of payment, the USER receives the relevant information concerning the payment / bank payment information, a reference to electronic payment terminal, instructions for payment at an ATM, instructions for payment at a cash desk/
  • Orders with chosen payment method bank transfer, EasyPay are executed after the payment is received in the TRADER bank account.
  • Orders with payment method Buy on credit are considered for approval by the credit company. After issuing an opinion approving the commodity credit, an employee of the TRADER contacts the USER and specifies the details for the delivery accompanying the documents for signature. USER prepares in advance a copy of his ID card, certified by him signed and written “True Copy”, which he gives to the courier with the signed documents.
  • The USER is allowed to choose more than one item or group of products with a total value equal to the threshold of lending from each of the companies.


  • Delivery
    • Deliveries are made only in the geographical territory of the Republic of Bulgaria
    • Deliveries are made by Courier Company “SPEEDY” with whom the TRADER has contractual relations or with courier of the TRADER. If the USER chooses another courier whom the TRADER has no contractual relations, the declared delivery and return policy is not valid.
    • Delivery cost is included in the total value of the invoice, unless the TRADER has declared preferential terms with free shipping.
    • Delivery cost is 5.00 BGN lev nationwide for item of value to 50.00 BGN lev and FREE throughout the country for each item over 50.00 BGN levs, unless the TRADER has announced a preferential terms with free shipping.
    • Orders are delivered to the address of the client / to the entrance of the building if given access / or to the office of Courier Company “SPEEDY”
    • Products ordered from the Online store ZORA – are delivered by courier or by an employee of the TRADER within 2 to 5 working days, depending on the availability of the products ordered. Deliveries within SOFIA are done within 24-48 hours if on stock.
    • Specified deadlines are applicable in accordance of the announced schedules for remote locations and public holidays, when the delivery is not made by courier companies.
    • In the event of late delivery, the TRADER is obliged to inform the USER regardless of the reason of the delay.
    • TRADER is not responsible for delays caused by the actions of the courier or the courier company.
    • Products are given to the USER/RECIPIENT upon a signature, certifying that the TRADER has fulfilled the order.
    • USER/RECEIPENT checks the delivered product for transport damages or other damages and claims as in the presence of the courier or the person supplying the product.
    • After signing the transceiver document the USER authorizes the courier to give on his behalf the amount of the total value of the invoice for the products delivered to the TRADER if selected payment method is payment on delivery.
    • In case the USER is unable to receive the delivery at the delivery address, not the fault of the TRADER, the person making the delivery leaves a message with a phone number to which the recipient can call back within 24 hours for clarification of a second attempted delivery.
    • In case the USER does not make a connection with the TRADER, the contract for sale of distance is automatically terminated and the TRADER is released from the obligation to deliver the products.
    • In case the RECIPIENT refuses to accept the ordered goods, the contract for sale of distance is automatically terminated and the courier returns the products back to the TRADER
    • The risk of loss or damage to the goods passes from the TRADER on the USER/RECIPIENT at the time the products are accepted by the USER or the appointed person.


  • Warranty


  • The TRADER gives the USER goods, which comply with the contract of sale.
  • The TRADER provides the USER with a warranty, in accordance with the contract not less than 2 /two/ years from the date of delivery.
  • The USER receives from the TRADER a commercial warranty in writing containing information about: content and extent of the warranty; duration of the warranty; geographical coverage of the warranty; name and address of Authorized service / person / providing the commercial warranty to which it can be claimed.
  • In connection with Article 47 paragraph 1 item 12 reminds that the TRADER offers products to the USER with legal warranty of 2 years in accordance with the contract of sale at a distance.
  • The TRADER meets the request of terminating the contract of sale and refunds the full payment of the product to the USER, after 3 /three/ repairs of the same product within the warranty period under Article 115 of the CPA


  • Returns and termination of a distance sale contract


  • At delivery the USER/RECIPIENT is obliged to check the package and if there are any visible defects such as: compromised integrity of the packaging, transport cosmetic defects, lack of accompanying accessories, lack of supporting documents / required by the Bulgarian legislation / to immediately inform the person making the delivery. In the presence of the person making the delivery a written statement is prepared of the existence of any defects and deficiencies of the package and the USER/RECIPIENT refuses to receive the shipment.
  • If the USER/RECIPIENT does not check the delivery and does not make an immediate claims, the goods are deemed approved and the consumer loses the right to claim at a later stage
  • In the event that the USER has chosen other delivery service which the TRADER has no contractual relations for the delivery of the order or assigns the return of goods to the TRADER, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is fully borne by the USER under Article 103 paragraph 2 of the CPA. USER makes claims towards his chosen courier.
  • The USER who has the quality of a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, has the right from Article 50 of the CPA to withdraw from the concluded distance contract without paying additional fees and return the delivery within 14 days from the date of the receipt under Article 50 paragraph 2ab.
  • The USER informs the TRADER in writing about his decision to withdraw from the sale before the end of the 14-day period under Article 50 of the CPA, and the TRADER sends the USER immediate confirmation of the received application for cancellation of sale.
  • The USER returns the goods to the TRADER within 14 days of submitting the claim and pays the shipping costs of returning the goods under Article 55 paragraph 2 of the CPA. The deadline for returning the goods back to the TRADER is 14 days at: Sofia 1225, Chepinsko shose 15 Online Store ZORA.
  • The TRADER refunds the paid sum of the USER, including deliver cost, within 14 days from the date of the written notification of the decision of the USER to a withdraw from the contract of sale, using the same means of payment used by the USER. When the deadline for the return back contract is passed by the USER, the TRADER holds the paid sum until the return of the product by the consumer.
  • On the grounds of Article 55 paragraph 4 of the CPA the TRADER shall reimburse the USER reduced value of the goods purchased. The TRADER discounts 15% from the paid sum and restores the USER the residual value, including the cost of delivery, when the products are in bad commercial shape / damaged or missing packaging/; TRADER discounts 25% from the amount paid and restores the USER the residual value, including the costs of delivery only when the goods are tested / in order check the working condition and functionalities of the product /.
  • The right of withdrawal from the distance sales contract within the 14 day deadline under Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to products related to hygiene and health safety in connection with Article 57 paragraph 5 of the CPA, the TRADER does not refund the amount paid of the used or tested product, in order to establish the characteristics and proper functioning. Products associated with hygiene are: epilators, shavers, hair clippers, trimmers, headphones, earplugs, electric toothbrush; products whose primary uses are associated with direct contact to the body.
  • The right of withdrawal from a distance sale contract in 14 days under Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to sealed information products, software, videos and sound recordings. In connection with Article 57 paragraph 9 of the CPA, the TRADER does no refund the amount paid for the used or tested product of that type. Such products are: digital media, removable storage, computer games, DVD, CD, videotapes without recordings, batteries.
  • The TRADER does not refunds delivery costs if the user has chosen a different delivery service than those offered by the TRADER, which has contractual relations.
  • In the event of the circumstances referred to in 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 as well as loss of the goods, the TRADER does not refund the amount paid for the goods and all related expenses.


  • Privacy Policy


  • According the Law on Privacy Protection Policy of the personal information “ZORA MMS” Ltd. Is a registered data Administrator in the register of administrators according to Article 14, paragraph 4 of the Law on the protection of personal data.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions the USER gives unlimited and unconditional consent, his personal data to be collected, stored, processed and used by the TRADER and authorized by third parties: courier companies, banks and others in order to implement the contract for distance selling and implies as a share marketing activity and others allowed by law, organization from the TRADER.
  • The USER may at any time request a written revocation of his personal information denying use and storage of the information by the TRADER as an administrator of personal data.
  • The TRADER declares to the USER that the given personal data would not be given to third parties for advertising or other purposes.

The TRADER reserves the right to use the IP addresses and the personal information of the USER in case it is necessary for legal procedures to ensure compliance with these Terms.

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