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Return of goods

Returns and termination of a distance sale contract


  • At delivery the USER/RECIPIENT is obliged to check the package and if there are any visible defects such as: compromised integrity of the packaging, transport cosmetic defects, lack of accompanying accessories, lack of supporting documents / required by the Bulgarian legislation / to immediately inform the person making the delivery. In the presence of the person making the delivery a written statement is prepared of the existence of any defects and deficiencies of the package and the USER/RECIPIENT refuses to receive the shipment.
  • If the USER/RECIPIENT does not check the delivery and does not make an immediate claims, the goods are deemed approved and the consumer loses the right to claim at a later stage
  • In the event that the USER has chosen other delivery service which the TRADER has no contractual relations for the delivery of the order or assigns the return of goods to the TRADER, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is fully borne by the USER under Article 103 paragraph 2 of the CPA. USER makes claims towards his chosen courier.
  • The USER who has the quality of a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, has the right from Article 50 of the CPA to withdraw from the concluded distance contract without paying additional fees and return the delivery within 14 days from the date of the receipt under Article 50 paragraph 2ab.
  • The USER informs the TRADER in writing about his decision to withdraw from the sale before the end of the 14-day period under Article 50 of the CPA, and the TRADER sends the USER immediate confirmation of the received application for cancellation of sale.
  • The USER returns the goods to the TRADER within 14 days of submitting the claim and pays the shipping costs of returning the goods under Article 55 paragraph 2 of the CPA. The deadline for returning the goods back to the TRADER is 14 days at: Sofia 1225, Chepinsko shose 15 Online Store ZORA.
  • The TRADER refunds the paid sum of the USER, including deliver cost, within 14 days from the date of the written notification of the decision of the USER to a withdraw from the contract of sale, using the same means of payment used by the USER. When the deadline for the return back contract is passed by the USER, the TRADER holds the paid sum until the return of the product by the consumer.
  • On the grounds of Article 55 paragraph 4 of the CPA the TRADER shall reimburse the USER reduced value of the goods purchased. The TRADER discounts 15% from the paid sum and restores the USER the residual value, including the cost of delivery, when the products are in bad commercial shape / damaged or missing packaging/; TRADER discounts 25% from the amount paid and restores the USER the residual value, including the costs of delivery only when the goods are tested / in order check the working condition and functionalities of the product /.
  • The right of withdrawal from the distance sales contract within the 14 day deadline under Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to products related to hygiene and health safety in connection with Article 57 paragraph 5 of the CPA, the TRADER does not refund the amount paid of the used or tested product, in order to establish the characteristics and proper functioning. Products associated with hygiene are: epilators, shavers, hair clippers, trimmers, headphones, earplugs, electric toothbrush; products whose primary uses are associated with direct contact to the body.
  • The right of withdrawal from a distance sale contract in 14 days under Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to sealed information products, software, videos and sound recordings. In connection with Article 57 paragraph 9 of the CPA, the TRADER does no refund the amount paid for the used or tested product of that type. Such products are: digital media, removable storage, computer games, DVD, CD, videotapes without recordings, batteries.
  • The TRADER does not refunds delivery costs if the user has chosen a different delivery service than those offered by the TRADER, which has contractual relations.
  • In the event of the circumstances referred to in 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 as well as loss of the goods, the TRADER does not refund the amount paid for the goods and all related expenses.

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