Club Cards

Club Cards


  1. Cards of loyal customers of ZORA are entitled to a discount in the Supply Chain ZORA
  2. To get the discount card you should contact the employees at the counter inside any ZORA store
  3. To receive a discount card contact information is needed such as:
  • E-mail / you have one /
  • Mobile phone number / or home number if you do not have a mobile /
  • Consent to receive promotional materials or messages from ZORA, by e-mail or by message on your mobile phone.


Terms of use of the discount card


  1. The discount can not be used to purchase goods, which are discounted at that time or from the online store.
  2. The card is personal and registered to the name of the client. All documents generated by the system will be with the card holder’s name.
  3. At any time the card holder can cancel his registration without incurring any consequences or payments towards “ZORA MMS” Ltd. It is needed to return the card back to the store from where it was issued.
  4. The validity of the card is unlimited

NOTE: “ZORA MMS” Ltd. Reserves the right to change the Terms of the discount card. Most up to date and further information can be obtained on

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